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School Profile

 We have the following classrooms:

  • Kindergarten- Ms. Rand
  • Grade 1- Ms. Peeling
  • Grade 2- Ms. James
  • Grade 3- Ms. Dada
  • Grade 4- Ms. Hasenbank
  • Grade 4/5- Mr. Peters
  • Grade 5/6- Ms. Anderson
  • Strategies 4/5/6- Mrs. Smyth
  • Junior Opportunity- Mrs. Shalapay
  • Senior Opportunity- Mrs. Wynder and Ms. Rusich
  • Music- Ms. MacDonald
  • Interactions- Ms. Sigman and Mr. Hwang

We offer full day Kindergarten as a result of the support of Edmonton Public Schools Foundation, and grade one to six programming in regular classroom settings. French as a Second Language is offered to students in division two.  An emphasis on music in all grades is encouraged.  We are also a district site for elementary students requiring a modified academic program.  We offer the Strategy, Opportunity and Interaction programs at Lauderdale.